Friday, May 02, 2008

April Top Ten

The month flew by! Here are some highlights from a fun, and busy, month. (Thanks to all my friends for making my birthday such a blast.)
10. STARS and Gold Spike 2008 events were a success!
9. Jaunting off to the city w/ Chris, Piyada and Ajay
8. Baking a Good Neighbor cake for my admin.
7. Little Will Webb's baptism
6. Stanford Women's B-ball making it to the final game!
5. Seeing Sandra Day O'Connor speak about the meaning of life
4. Enjoying Hawaiian drinks w/ my buddies for my birthday - Bye bye Hukilau :(
3. Getting my Nikon D40
2. Photographing the Rodin and Chihuly sculptures
1. Matt telling me about the 3 batches of cupcakes he made for my birthday, and eating said cupcakes.

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My Notting Hill said...

Love your idea of a top 10 for the month! It would be great to have a journal recording them year after year.