Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gift Guide: A Time for Sharing

A few years ago my father started a little tradition with my siblings...he supplied each of us an amount of money and a choice of charities to support with the gift.  It was such a nice pause to our regular morning of crazed unwrapping, to read about each of the charities my father researched for us.  When I have kids I'd like to continue this tradition.  For now, I'm sharing 2 amazing organizations that have gift certificate options for sharing:'s mission is to "connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty." Support an entrepreneur in another country with a small loan to build their's really a fantastic organization doing a lot of good. - support a hard working teacher by funding supplies or project materials on their wish lists.  

Happy Holidays!  

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gift Guide: 2009 Calendars

I love little calendars for someone's office or home long as you keep them small. Here are some cute Etsy examples.

Sitting Pretty Printable Calendar
by Blue Tricycle

Cupcakes Make Me Happy Calendar
by Yee Haw

Typography Wall Calendar
by Oven Door Owl

Keep Calm and Carry On Inspired DIY Calendar
by Little Brown Pen

{This post is dedicated to my calendar loving friend, Drea!}

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gift Guide: Cool hand-detailed duds

Here are some cool clothing items from Etsy, the best place to find unique stuff:

This $20 tee by Xenotees lists the collective names of over 100 animals.
A prickle of porcupines? A romp of otters?
I think this is a fun tee for any animal lover or person who loves random trivia.

This tee with a chandelier screenprinted is unexpected and v. cool for $32.
By Pretty Etsy store w/ tons of great designs.

And this ruffle jacket by Thai designer, Ananya, is only $40.
While you may not be able to get it by the holidays, I think it's a great find!

And last is a t-shirt detailed with three sweet fabrics giving this $52 shirt some sass.
Part of the Dear Collection of designs.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gift Guide: Handmade handbags

I think any of these unique handmade bags (at three different price points) would make a person smile:

Showpony's Vintage Shopper, $20 and Graphic clutch by Oktak, $29

Recycled sail(!) tote by Reiter8, $65 and Tortilla Girl's Linen bag, $78.

Leather Truffle bag by Morelle, $185 and Weekend Bag by Paco & Lupe, $96

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tag, I'm It.

My lovely friend Jamie, tagged me recently. She says the goal of this tag is to identify 6 quirky items about myself and hope you find interesting. Here goes!

1) I always forget the ends of movies....within a couple days of seeing a movie, I cannot remember how it ends.

Photo via Flickr.

2) I've never owned a car. If I did, shouldn't it be this Porsche 356 Speedster?

3) I've worn glasses since I was 10. I wear them now because I think it makes me seem smarter. (This comes from a daughter of a man who still wears glasses even though he had corrective surgery that gave him perfect vision a year ago. least I''m not THAT weird!)

4) I am very good a sports bar/pub trivia. If you need a me.

5) I get asked what I am A LOT (as in...are you Indian? Hispanic? Indonesian?). My favorite thing to do is ask the person to guess. Like 5% of the time the person gets it right. For the record, I am 100% Mexican-American. For some reason I'm reminded of a Time Magazine cover that my mom showed me back in 1993 of a computer generated woman composed of images of people of many races. Sorry...random tangent.

6) This Rodin sculpture of one of the Burghers of Calais. Before a test I would shake his hand for good luck. It didn't always work, but he definitely brought me a sense of calm.

I'm supposed to pass this on . But I think the people I know who have blogs have already done this stay tuned, need to do some digging!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Question of the hour: What Will Michelle (Obama) Wear?

Some of the world's top designers have contributed 36 sartorial suggestions to Women's Wear Daily on how they would dress the next First Lady on Inauguration Day.

The woman is so graceful and stylish, I am sure she will look stunning in anything. My favorite designs are:

Ceremony looks by
Lacroix and Diane Von Furstenberg

Gowns designed by Monique Lhullier, Elie Tahari,
Diane von Furstenberg and Issac Mizrahi.

Thank you Coquette, for the scoop!

Frugal Fashionista Gift Guide

Today's gift guide is focused on all things fashiony and under $25.

Build a fashion-lovers library:

Books by Project Runway designer, Daniel Vosovic and judge, Nina Garcia.
Lucky magazine editors style guide. Or a tome on design legend, Balenciaga.

Jcrew has some cute finds on sale:

Polka Dot socks for $7, and Tank w/ chiffon corsage detail for $19.

And Old Navy is a great place for functional basics w/ cute details:

Sherpa zipped jacket coziness for $25. Button trimmed leggings for under $15.

Bluefly is always a great place for outfit-making details:

Fashion Focus $25 double-belt or silver belt w/ studs are perfect for cinching in layered pieces!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Photography Monday: Gift Guide

I think photography makes a fantastic gift and you can find some very reasonable pieces of art on Here is a sampling:
For a fashionista, these photos of vintage Barbie clothes are perfection:

Prints by Michelle Brusegaard run $15 each.

These would make a bold statement on an animal lover's wall:

Prints by Sharon Montrose run $25 each.

A customizable collage of architectural letters for your favorite familia:

For a mere $19 you can get a personalized designs by JavaJane.
She also offers framed versions for $55-79.