Friday, September 05, 2008

Project Runway: Week 8

Now THIS was a great challenge! The designers got to 1) use real fabric, 2) design for a women, 3) had a classic movie-themed inpiration (Deitrich's A Foreign Affair), and 4) got to work with DIANE VON FURSTENBERG! I could barely contain myself with glee as I watched this ep.
Here are the design highlights

First we have Leanne's evening gown and shrunken trench coat look. The juxtoposition of textures while being simple in shape was what gave her the victory.

Korto's ensemble used one of my all-time favorite DVF patterned fabrics, so I had to give her a nod here. If the skirt had more length w/ a bit of a train, I might have picked this as my winner.

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Camilla said...

i also just loved this episode!!! the back of leanne's dress was incredible...