Thursday, February 05, 2009

Etsy Valentine Gift Guide

I like to keep Valentine's low-key, but by no means do I condone ignoring the day because it happens to feel like a consumer-marketing-blitz-type holiday. Call me shallow, or romantic, or materialistic, or whatever... But I think it's a cute holiday that requires a little attention on my blog.

Since I think a thoughtful card and a little bauble are ideal gift are some cute little items from Etsy that would make anyone smile.

For your chick:

"Love" Card by Dutchdoor, $4 / Necklace by Local Library $32

Card by desTroy $3.75 and Ring by ChainChainChained, $16

For your guy:

Card by Elise Joy, $6 for 4 and Cufflinks by Crimson King $15

Card by Sweet Pea Ink, $3.50 and Tee by Ampersand Shoppe, $22


Dionne said...

Those card cufflinks are sooo cute! Makes me wanna go to Vegas and give those to my hubby to wear!

AnastasiaC said...

some beautiful finds here too...good way to spread the love!

Marlyssa said...

All these are unique and perfect gift for Valentines Day...

sweetpeaink said...

Thanks for including my "smoochies" card! Such a fun blog. :)

Banana-head Pancake said...

that's great - thank you so much for featuring a necklace!
I love that little ring and ampersand tee!

EliseBlaha said...

thank you! i love all the links - the ampersand tee is fantastic!

annechovie said...

Ana, you have chosen some lovely picks here and thanks for the etsy shout-out! Have a great wknd!