Friday, April 03, 2009

Fashion Focus: European Grand Tour

The Obama's are doing us proud in Europe!
Check out some of my favorite looks from the past few days:

Arriving in London. Michelle is in a Jason Wu sheath dress and Michael Kors duster.

Meeting HRH the Queen of England

Arriving at a NATO Summit concert. I love the ease with which they carry themselves. Designer info to come.

First Couple Arriving in Strausborg, France and Michelle Obama in Thakoon speaking with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

A sparkling sensation. Michelle in Jcrew visiting Downing Street and Maggie's Cancer Center in London.

And finally...check out this short BBC video of Michelle's visit to a girl's school in London:


Jessica said...

That second NATO Summit photo you posted?

I have never seen Mrs. Obama look quite that stunning before! Great find!

What an inspiration to blog about...

Jamie Watson said...

She is so stunning! That video brought a tiny tear to my eye.

Jeff Shelby said...

Michelle Obama is amazing!