Friday, December 11, 2009

Handmade Holidays Under $50 Gift Guide

More finds from Etsy designers:

Plate by Circa Ceramics, $30 and
Perpetual Calendar by Little Brown Pen, $49

Bubble Lace Ring by Colleen Baran, $49 and Moss Cluster by Flores del Sol, $35

Felt Brooch by AAliciaAccessories, $40
and Swag Bowl by Jill Rosenwald, $40

Clutch by Garden Dub, $30 and Favorite Year Pendant by Chocolate & Steel, $38

Clock by uncommon, $45 and Candle Holder by Stave Creations, $28


Chocolate and Steel said...

All wonderful suggestions. That clock by uncommon has been a favorite of mine for a while. Thanks so much for including my necklace:)

dyeve said...

Merry Christmas!..still is. :)
awesome blog with interesting posts,congrats!

Dylana Suarez said...

I am so in love with that little ring!

Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

divorce Lawyer Melbourne said...

Great pieces so simple and pretty

Medical Negligence said...

lovely ring so so cute