Wednesday, March 21, 2007

frozen lettuce and eggs...

am i being a drama queen? i went to a campus eatery with my lovely friend, Arthur, for lunch. i choose a mediterannean salad - yummy, hummus!. alas, my salad had frozen lettuce and frozen dolmas in it. i've had problems at this cafe in the was not surprised when this happened. it turns out my replacement salad (nicoise if you were wondering) had the same batch of frozen lettuce but this time had a bonus frozen hard-boiled egg. wow.

my goal this year is to complain less and look at the bright side of life. but is there a bright side to a frozen hardboiled egg? one nice thing : the people made me a totally fresh salad and kept me laughing while they made it.

In other news...

My friend, Jamie shared her cute blog with me and inspired me to start my own. Thanks Jamie for the inspiration!

My little blog is kind of jumpy, but maybe someday I'll figure out a concept. Maybe I'll ask Goil from Top Design to help me. And while he's at it, he can build me a new bookcase. I sold one of mine at a garage sale last weekend. And now I need it back. Alas, the $5 I got for the old one bought me a fine frozen salad.

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