Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Grandpa's 80th Birthday

I just got back from surprizing my parents and grandparents in El Paso. My mom and aunts planned a big 80th birthday party for my grandpa, and I convinced everyone that I wasn't able to make it. The shocked looks and double-takes were priceless. I learned that you are much more appreciated when you are not expected! ;)

So, this is the man of the hour (isn't he handsome?):

My grandfather was a teacher, coach and high school principal during his long career as an educator in El Paso. Here are a few of his co-workers and life-long friends:

My grandfather taught all of his grandkids to value education and instilled a life-long love of learning in me. Here is pic of my grandparents w/ almost all of the grandkids.

Another amazing thing about my grandpa is the love he has for his wife, Mary. They married when my mother was a teenager, so I am lucky enough to have a third grandmother. The love they have for eachother is truly amazing to see. They epitomize unconditional love and have shared that love with everyone around them. They are truly role models for a happy marriage. Here they are dancing to a song my grandfather decicated to her:

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