Friday, November 07, 2008

Fashion Friday: Dress for the Job You Want

Dream job of the week: Upscale Travel Critic - travel the world in luxury, on someone else's dime!
Wardrobe Situations:
Shopping the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul:

Comfortably jaunty looks by Anna Sui and Mulberry

Gallery Hopping in Prague:

Fiery colors, fiery attitude. Designs by
Sinha-Stanic and Tuleh.

Dance lessons in Argentina:

Feminine flounce by
Nanette Lapore or Sexy siren by Emanuel Ungaro.

Sitting at the Captain's table on the final Trans-Atlantic sail of the QE2.

Simple shapes w/ delicate detail - both gowns by Andrew Gn.


Jamie Watson said...

Wow, I am taken with the Andrew Gn dresses, and I'm glad you have introduced me to him.

What if I want a job as an artist and work in the surf industry? What kind of clothes should I be wearing?

Ana said...

Thanks for those ideas for future posts, Jamie!

Clementine said...

Oh, yes, I'll take that job and those outfits, please! :)