Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Project Runway: Week 4

Dude, I'm not a fan of athletes showing up on PR. Remember Tiki Barber? This week the challenge came from Apollo Anton Onno (of Dancing with the Stars fame. Oh yeah, he speed skates too).

The designers had two days to come up with a uniform for the American women to wear at the opening ceremonies. I love love love the opening ceremonies, so was a tad disappointed with the results. Here are the stand-outs:

Terri's design had it all - nipped in pinstripe blazer, sassy scarf and tuxedo-striped pants! She was robbed!
Leanne's design was clean and would show off the athletes toned arms and legs? Cute shoes, too!

I'm all about Keith's skirt. Ditch those shoes.
And Suede's look is ready for cocktail hour - how can you not love it?

As always, the photos are from Bravo.

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Jeff said...

This episode was hilarious in that the majority of the designers had no understanding at all of what an appropriate outfit for athletes at the Opening Ceremonies should be.