Friday, August 15, 2008

Project Runway: Week 5

What is happening here? This season better pick up the pace in coolness, or else! This week, the designers were paired up to create a look for Brooke Shields to wear on Lipstick Jungle. I don't watch that show, so I wasn't too inspired by this challenge. Neither were the designers, apparently. Here were the top two designs (there were only 6 to choose from!):

Design by Keith and Kenley....which looked fantastic on the small the circles of fabric creating a fringed looking skirt.
And another two piece look by Korto and Joe. I really liked the choice of color (which would look great on Brooke) and the lovely ribbon detail along the placket.

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Helen | Pepperina Press said...

People keep saying Project Runway is fabulous, so I keep meaning to watch it, and I keep forgetting. I'm so annoyed with myself.

Mental note to try again this week.

Jeff said...

I watched "Lipstick Jungle" last year, in spite of myself. It's terrible, Brooke looks terrible, the acting is terrible. But there's a really hot guy on it who is frequently shirtless, so I'll be watching again this season.