Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway: Week 7

When the designers first got their challenge, I was worried. Having to make an innovative design with materials from various Saturns (the vehicles not the planet) worried me a bit. I thought we would be gifted with shapeless designs with everyone incorporating seat belts. But I was very pleasantly surprised. While it might take a few G&T's to give me the courage to wear these, I thought the designers did a fantastic job.

's fantastic two-piece of suede and metal pieces, Korto's stunning coat shaped w/ seat belts, and Leanne's fringe and leather mini all looked ready for prime time. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I agree that Leanne's was both innovative and beautiful.

Photos by Bravo.

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Jeff said...

I LOVED Korto's seat-belt coat. Korto is my pick to win the whole thing this year.

But my favorite outfit of the week, for its sheer ridiculousness, was Blayne's car-wash dress. I'm imagining a crew of a dozen models wearing that dress while suspended from the ceiling of a drive-thru automatic car wash. The broken mirrors on the chest provide added safety for car wash customers.

Also loved having Laura Bennett on the judging panel. But Rachel Zoe is a turd.